eu-LISA DPO (Android) app

One of my most interesting projects in eu-LISA was working on data protection app as a graphic designer and technical coordinator. The app was developed by data protection team in co-operation with learning and development team to provide up-to-date information of data protection rules and news to staff and stakeholders.

I designed the graphical user interface, prepared the technical brief for call for tender and was main contact point between developer and eu-LISA. During the development I worked closely with DP team to publish the content to CMS. Later in the project I was mainly involved in testing and releasing the Android version of the app to staff.

eu-lisa dpo app


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Developer: ADM Interactive

Infographic (L&D)

At the end of the year I was responsible of creating an information graphic reflecting eu-LISA learning activities on 2017. I collected relevant data, planned the infographic and designed the graphics. The final infographic was shared via internal newsletter and partially re-used in eu-LISA Annual Activity Report.



Images: eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2017

eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2017 (2.4. Human resources management, p 48-49).

Design for eu-LISA LMS

I was responsible for creating a new graphic interface for eu-LISA’s internal learning management system. The design was based on the visual guidelines and the look aimed to be learner friendly and inspiring. The design was featured Totara Learn theme of the month in HowToMoodle blog.

Additionally to creating graphics I was also one of the site managers uploading the learning content, setting up the activities and administrating the courses. I also captured presentations and edited learning videos, designed an online quiz game and created a section for self directed learning.

Image: eu-LISA & HowToMoodle

eu-LISA Conference intro

I really enjoyed making this small digital media project with communication team for eu-LISA annual conference 2017. The brief was to keep the intro light to work together with  Estonia 100 years celebration theme. The final intro was shown in the beginning of both days and between the panels of the event.