How did you come up with the Greenground Map idea?

I have always loved the London Tube Map and I also like the parks and green spaces, so I just put two of them together and Greenground Map emerged. As other people liked the idea as well, the concept kept growing and also expanded to other cities.

Is Greenground Map (GGM) a unique idea?

There are other similar takes on this idea of tube style walking maps, but not in this scale. In this sense Greenground Map is unique as it covers whole city wide areas and hundreds of green spaces.

Which cities currently have the GGM?

London, Bristol and Edinburgh have independently created maps. Sheffield, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and Nottingham county have all commissioned Greenground Maps. 

How can I get my city to commission a GGM?

You can email your council or tag them in your social media posts, asking if they could commission the map for your city. The more people in your area will see the maps, the likelihood it will be commissioned increases!

How can I contribute to the map?

For contributing to London, Bristol and Edinburgh maps you can fill the form on my website. For commissioned maps you need to approach the respective charities/councils, who will collect the feedback.

Where can I get the map?

You can order independent maps and posters from my shop. Digital maps are usually open for download either on my website or on appointed council/charity websites. London map is also sold in Stanfords and in Crofton Books in Brockley.

I have a question regarding of my order. How can I get in touch?
Please email info@helenilus.com and I will reply to you shortly.