Commissioned Maps

Sheffield Greenground Map

Did you know a whopping 61% of Sheffield is green space? We’re still yet to find another city in the world with a higher percentage than this…

Sheffield actually has more than 800 managed green spaces across 4,000 hectares within the city boundary. With so much on offer, we wanted to create something to help demonstrate how accessible greenspaces are in The Outdoor City and so we’ve commissioned a ‘Greenground Map’.

Read the full blog post and download the FREE digital map or find the paper copy in the city >>

The map was commissioned by the The Outdoor City and Sheffield City Council.

Birmingham Greenground Map

A City of Nature – Greenground Map

It may surprise you to hear that Birmingham is home to over 600 green spaces – ranging from small playing fields to expansive nature reserves, connected by our unique canal networks, rivers and walkways. Each and every one of these spaces are vital to our wellbeing, acting as spaces for us to play, socialise and make memories. We wanted a way to showcase these areas without relying on the road dominated maps we’re so used to – something that is increasingly important in the face of a changing climate.’

Read the full blog post and download the FREE digital map or request a paper copy >>

The map was commissioned by the Naturally Birmingham: Future Parks Accelerator and Birmingham City Council.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Greenground Map

‘The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough GreenGround Map represents the parks and greenspace within the five key urban areas, including Cambridge, Peterborough and Ely City and the Towns of Huntingdon and Wisbech. By drawing on the river, railway and trail themes as key lines, the map clearly shows the accessibility of parks and greenspaces for everyone to enjoy.’

Read the full blog post and download the FREE digital map >>

The map was commissioned by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Future Parks.