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Creative park connection map

Greenground Map


Idea The idea behind this map is to connect parks using environmentally friendly transport like cycling and walking . The creative ‘greenground’ network is made of six lines – Thames, Regent, Royal, South, City and North which connect parks in similar way tube lines connect stations. The map also suggest outdoor activity points such as kayaking on the canal and swimming in the park. This map idea is inspired by the National Park City Foundation green concept of making London the world’s first National Park City.

Why? This map could help to organise routes in accessible way, helping the green commuter to navigate from park to park in the order they are depicted on the map. Each of the lines could be cycled and walked and Thames line suggest River Bus connection points.

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Highlighted in Mapping London

Mapping London is a project by James Cheshire and Ollie O’Brien who collect, highlight and share best London maps in their independent blog. James Cheshire is a co-author of a book LONDON: The Information Capital featuring many data maps of the city. Both editors, James and Ollie are academics/researchers in UCL Department of Geography.

This week I was thrilled to see they highlighted the London walking maps I’ve been working on this month. Posted by Ollie A Walk in the Urban Woods features three maps with great comments from the team, who like the method of showing just the parks that are the focus as an effective and attractive way of highlighting the walk.

Mapping London really likes the strong design elements of these maps – greens and blues, and plenty of white space to present a decluttered look. You might know some or all of these parks already, if you live in London – but did you know you can link them together efficiently in this way?

Coming from true mapping experts this is a serious praise and really encourages more mapping work in the future! 🙂

Mapping London Twitter Account