HI Design
loves walking and maps

HI Design is a small independent studio in Tallinn Creative Incubator founded by graphic designer Helen Ilus. Focusing on green information design and tube style mapping Helen creates experimental maps that connect cities to active travel networks. The macro scale Greenground Maps of parks and open spaces has been her main focus since spring 2020, when the first print run of London Greenground Map was published with only 30 copies. After a year she had sold 1000 copies of the map and released two more maps – Edinburgh and Bristol. The Greenground Map family has now grown to include commissioned maps of Sheffield, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire and Nottingham as well as the second edition London map.

An enthusiastic walker and urban explorer Helen travelled widely before coming up with the idea of connecting parks to tube style network for walkers. As a fan of Harry Beck’s London Tube map, wayfinding and open spaces, she wondered what would happen combining the schematic mapping with walking. As an intuitive traveller she found the schematic maps more accessible in urban environments, but realised they also trap people in transport networks. To help people reconnect with nature Greenground Map gives priority to green infrastructure, replacing stations with parks and transport lines with creative walking routes; inspiring to see cities in a new way and offering endless opportunities to explore.