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Seven winter walks in outer London

From short river walks to hilly day hikes, London has plenty to discover also in winter Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash The best time to walk in London is probably in spring when the parks are green and lush or autumn when the pathways are full of colourful leaves. But winter in the city…

London Bookground Map

Busy modern library with cafe, bike parking and bus stopClapham Library – Google Street View © 2022 Google Maps London Bookground Map is the first side step from the Greenground Map project to a new path, connecting libraries across London into a large creative library network. 350 mostly public, specialist and some member libraries are…

Copenhagen Greenground Map – a green guide for walkers and cyclists

Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities to walk and I’ve been looking forward making this map to inspire others to visit this cool, green and sustainably thinking European city. The first Copenhagen Greenground Map selects 360  parks and open spaces, linking them together with 12 creative green and blue lines for memorable day hikes…